CDC is proud to present the new poster for Todas Menos Tu!

The fun romantic comedy marks the first original production for CDC. The movie, shot in Tulum and directed by Mexican director Luis Kuri, is produced by No Idea Entertainment, in collaboration as well with Zima Entertainment and Cinépolis Distribución.

The story revolves around of a group of very close friends, those kinds of friends that think they cannot live one without the other. Everything is fine until one of them, Luis, played by Ricardo Abarca from “¿Qué culpa tiene el niño?” and “El repatriado”, announces that he is going to marry Gaby (Carolina Miranda, “Quién Mato a Sara” and “Señora Acero”). The other friends do not support his decision and two nights before the wedding they seem to find the best opportunity to sabotage the event.

The release is currently scheduled in Mexico for the end of this year on more than 1000 screens through Cinépolis Distribución.

Have a look here at the poster!