Have a look at the first clip for All I See is You starring Blake Lively

All I See Is You, which Forster wrote with Sean Conway, is a fascinating relationship study that marks Lively’s latest step toward movie stardom.

Lively stars as Gina, a blind woman living with her husband (Jason Clarke) in Bangkok. Gina regains partial sight after a miracle surgery, and the film examines how she and her marriage evolve once she literally gains this new perspective.

In the clip you will see the moment Gina removes her post-surgical bandages for the first time to test whether the operation was successful. Watch it here.

When she realizes she can see her husband for the first time in her life, it appears their marriage will only strengthen. But as Gina becomes more self-sufficient, the power dynamics in the relationship begin to shift — causing friction in what was once an idyllic romance.